Learn more about wind energy in Denmark and Middelgrunden Wind Farm

As the COOP has no staff and no boat we have to charge you for the cost of the boat, the meeting room and the guide there have to take off from his daily work.

A guided tour with a boat around the turbine where we get very close to the turbines. Dr. H. C. Sørensen is usually your guide on this tour.

Cost of a standard trip with the boat:

  • Boat fee 5,000 DKK (boat up to 35 people) prize is a little lower if you are less than 11 people as we can use a smaller boat. With more than 35 people the prize typically is around 8,000 DKK.
  • Administration fee 500 DKK
  • Guide is 1,500 DKK/hour: a boat tour is usually 1 hour but can be 2 hours depending of departure site and kind of presentation during the tour.
  • The boat tour starts from Langelinje Kaj 5, DK 2100 about 100 meters north of the Little Mermaid.
  • This kind of arrangement is not subjected to VAT.

Have a dedicated presentation with ppt show in a meeting room in the central Copenhagen. Dr. H. C. Sørensen is giving the presentation.

  • Meeting room 500 DKK - depending of size
  • Administration fee 500 DKK
  • Speaker for 2 hours 3,000 DKK. Ad 50% if presentations are for wind specialists.
  • This kind of arrangement is not subjected to VAT.

Please note: all arrangements are only on request. Please send a mail to mollebesog (..) gmail.com for an offer or call +45 2811 0219.

References for Dr. H. C. Sørensen can be found on references

Documentation about Middelgrunden can be downloaded here:

Information on the Middelgrunden project can be found on the Middelgrunden home page.


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